"The best way to predict our future is to create it." ~Peter Drucker

What is Career Counselling?

Career counselling assists individuals in looking at factors that may be influencing their career development including: lifestyle, personality, interests, values, aptitudes, work experience and education.

Career planning can be a challenging task as individuals are faced with choices, changes and obstacles. Career testing and counselling can help you find the answers to these and other common questions:

  • How do I decide what type of career goals are right for me?
  • What type of work environment fits me best?
  • What field of study should I pursue?
  • What do I do if I'm not happy in this program anymore?
  • What if my career goals are different from what my family thinks they should be?
  • What if I make a choice and then change my mind?

Career counselling is available to all students registered in a full-time, post-secondary program and for three months following graduation. Make an appointment if you are interested in:

  • exploring your career goals with a counsellor
  • learning about resources available to help you on your career and education path
  • participating in career testing to help you learn more about yourself and set realistic career goals

What can I expect from the process?

During your first appointment, we will discuss your concerns and decide what course of action may be best for you. We will then schedule additional appointments, career testing or provide a referral to another resource as appropriate.

The career assessment tools used in Counselling and Accessibility Services are written, multiple-choice assessments and include tools that explore personality characteristics, interests, and aptitudes.

What will it give me?

The goal of career counselling is to give you the opportunity to begin exploring the elements of a career that make sense or seem to fit for you. The results can offer you insight into the type of tasks you may enjoy, the kind of things that are important to you and the types of skills for which you have an aptitude or talent. In addition, results will suggest some career goals and occupations that you may want to research further.

There isn't a test or a career counsellor that can tell you what you should do. Together, however, both can offer you information and insight to make you a more informed decision maker.

To further your career exploration, visit the Career Services at Fanshawe College website for job postings, upcoming employment events, career fairs, advice, job search resources, materials and labour market trends.

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