Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Fanshawe’s orientation day is just around the corner on Tuesday, September 5, 2023!
The first day of classes is Wednesday, September 6, following the Wednesday class schedule. 

If you are a returning student entering level 2 or above, the first thing to do is log in to FanshaweOnline (FOL) and check if you have a message from your program coordinator indicating you have a program orientation or view the program orientation schedule. Some programs include upper-level students in orientation; determine if yours is one of them. After that, review your schedule to see where you need to be on Wednesday, September 6 when classes start.  

If you are a first-year student entering level 1 of your program, this blog will help you prepare for your first few days at Fanshawe.  

Here’s what to know about the start of the Fall 2023 semester

Tuesday, September 5 is a dedicated orientation day, during which no classes are scheduled.* 

Wednesday, September 6 is the first day of classes for the Fall 2023 semester for all students. Please follow your Wednesday class schedule.** 

*with the exception of some apprenticeship programs that begin on September 5 and a few other programs that will have contacted students directly. 
** Collaborative Nursing (BScN) begins on Thursday, September 8 

Tips for preparing for orientation day 

  • Plan your transit for the day to allow time for possible bus delays or struggles finding parking.  
  • Bring your ID with you (personal ID and/or FANCard). 
  • Bring something to take notes with (your phone or a pen and paper).  
  • Plan your schedule: 
  • When is your program orientation? 
  • Are there any sessions you want to attend?  
two women pointing to locations on campus map for student to see

Tips for Orientation Day 

  • Attend your program orientation. 
  • Visit the Student Service Fair.
  •  Look for people in red “Ask Me A Question” shirts should you need any help navigating campus or student services.
  • Know that no matter what you are feeling, you are not alone. Excitement is a common feeling during orientation, but so are nerves and anxiety. Do your best to participate and try new things, but if it is too much, we are here for you. 
  • Take advantage of quiet rooms in the Student Wellness Centre (J building).
  • Find support in Counselling and Accessibility Services (F2010) 
  • Enjoy a quiet space or fun low-pressure activities in the Library Learning Commons (F1066).
  • Find students who felt the same things not long ago by visiting our Student Ambassadors in the Welcome Lounge on the first floor in E or our Here For You Student Service Hub at the T entrance.
  • Explore campus … get lost … find your classroom locations.
  • Discover all of the places you can eat or drink on campus.
  • Take a first day selfie either at our selfie station in the Student Service Fair or in front of our new selfie wall in the Campus Store, or anywhere on campus that you connect with on your first day. Be sure to tag @FanshaweCollege.
  • Pick-up your FANCard, your course materials or some new Fanshawe clothes.  

Tips for preparing for your first day of classes 

  • Review your class schedule and know where you need to be and when.
  • Review the campus map to feel confident that you have an idea of where you are going. 
  • Double check you can log into FanshaweOnline (FOL) … yes you too, returning students! Reset your password if needed.
  • Set your alarm (and your backup alarms). 
  • Pack your bag:
  • Laptop 
  • Notebook 
  • Pens/Pencils 
  • Textbooks (probably not needed, but your choice) 
  • Flashdrive 
  • Login information (FanshaweOnline) 
  • FANCard or ID 
  • Wallet 
  • Keys 
  • Water bottle (you’ll find water bottle fill stations all around campus) 
  • Student Planner 
  • Choose an outfit that will make you feel comfortable or confident on your first day. 
  • Get a good night's sleep.
  • Plan your travel to get you to campus early, in case you run into any traffic or parking delays.
  • Ask for help if you get turned around on campus (there is a new wayfinding system and there is still construction).
  • Have a #FalconAwesome first day of class! 
man walking, looking at phone in front of navigation signs

Campus notices/reminders 

  • There will be a lot of people on campus. If you are driving on campus, please slow down and watch for pedestrians. 
  • Please note the Cheapside entrance is closed for the Campus Energy Centre project; you will need to continue down Cheapside to Fanshawe College Blvd. and enter through the main gates.
  • Know what parking and transportation is available
    • London Campus: Parking is available in lots 5 and 8 for $12 per entry on a first-come, first-served basis.
    • London Downtown Campus: Please park in one of the municipal lots; parking fees vary.
    • London South Campus: Parking is available and free at this location. 
    • Regional Campuses: Parking is available and free at these locations.
  • Fanshawe campuses are non-smoking, which includes e-cigarettes; please proceed to locations outside of the campus if you wish to smoke.
  • To log in to Fanshawe College WiFi you will need your student username and password (that you use for WebAdvisor and FanshaweOnline) - if you can’t log in reset your password.
  • London Transit buses pick up and drop off at the B/T Entrance and F building.
  • Middlesex County Connect buses pick up and drop off at A building.

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