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OntarioLearn is a consortium of 24 host colleges across Ontario that collectively offer more than 1200 separate courses by coordinating their efforts.

The following information will help you register for your desired course, and get you online. Please jump into the processes below at whatever stage is applicable to you!

What we offer

In addition to the many courses offered through Part-Time Studies Online, the following certificate programs are now also available online:

  • Accounting Certificate
  • Autism & Behavioural Science Graduate Certificate
  • Bookkeeping Certificate
  • Career Development Practitioner Graduate Certificate
  • College Teaching Graduate Certificate
  • Computerized Office Essentials Certificate
  • Corporate Learning and Development Certificate
  • Creative Arts Certificate
  • Crisis Intervention Declaration of Academic Achievement
  • Desktop Publishing Certificateaduate Certificate
  • Early Childhood Administration Graduate Certificate
  • Educational Assistant Graduate Certificate
  • Emergency Nursing Certificate
  • Fundamentals of Addictions Certificate
  • Fundraising Certificate
  • Health Care Office Assistant Certificate
  • Home Inspection Certificate
  • Human Resource Management Certificate
  • Industrial Management Certificate
  • Leadership Development Series Certificate
  • Management Skills for IT Professionals Certificate
  • Marketing Certificate
  • Occupational Health & Safety Certificate
  • Office Administration Certificate
  • Public Relations Certificate
  • Settlement Worker Certificate
  • Sterile Processing Certificate
  • Sustainable Local Foods Declaration of Academic Achievement


Fanshawe courses offered on OntarioLearn:


Course Registration

If you have not already viewed an online course guide, or you are not yet registered for your OntarioLearn course, please visit the How to register page.

OntarioLearn course offerings are all 100 per cent online courses.

Course access and login instructions are as follows:

  1. Go to www.ontariolearn.com
  2. Click on Login
  3. Enter your username and password and click on start a session.
  4. If you do not know your username click on “What is my username?” Link on left side of login page
  5. Select your registering college from dropdown area
  6. Enter your first name
  7. Enter your last name
  8. You will see your username format starts with fa-   in red
  9. Return to www.ontariolearn.com and enter your username and your password as “newone” (all lowercase without the quotations)
  10. You will see a link to your course in My Courses area under platform.  Please select the link to enter.
  • Please note:
  • You cannot access your course until the start date.
  • Your username is in all lower case
  • Your username is 15 characters, total.


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